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Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and has a long history in all cultures around the world. If you need a massage today, you can choose from more than 80 massage therapy styles with a great variety of movements, pressures, and techniques. They all involve rubbing, pressing, or manipulating muscles and other soft tissues with hands and fingers. Sometimes massage therapists use forearms, elbows, or feet. In case you want to experience a nice, relaxing massage after a long and intense work day you can schedule an appointment with one of the King’s Touch Therapies specialists. We have been serving the community of Oxford, MS for the past two years, earning a bright reputation.

by Mark T.

I had an wonderful massage with Sharon. I am not used to receiving massages but I am obsessed now. Great service and clean place too! I would definitely come back.
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Today, our clients can benefit from many different types of massage therapy for a variety of health-related issues and body strength restoration. The term “massage therapy” encompasses many different techniques, and our Oxford, MS clients have the opportunity to choose with help which technique will be the best in their case. Our massage therapist will customize your massage, depending on your overall condition, your age, or any other special needs, requirements or goals you have. We will take into consideration your previous health history. Our experts will design a personalized program that will deliver the most efficient results.

Spa proceduresMassage therapy is not just pampering me-time. The physical and emotional benefits of even a single massage session are significant and acknowledged by many of our customers. We are able to provide you with a more balanced and stress free lifestyle. We are certain that you will be puzzled how much better and rested you will feel after just your first visit to King’s Touch Therapies for acclaimed massage therapy. Our massage service is provided by highly trained and experienced staff. We can offer you many natural healing options and holistic alternatives that can boost your health and well-being. Our Oxford, MS clients who experienced depression, increased stress levels, back problems, sports traumas, muscular tension, and many other types of physical conditions have heeded the advantages of our massage service. That’s a lot of happy and healthy clients.

Our massage therapists are the most professional in Oxford, MS, or anywhere in the surrounding areas that matter. Once a customer has experienced our massage service, he or she sets up regular appointments or a personal program for the future. We use oils that eliminate the skin friction. Our massage tables are warmed for comfort and relaxation of the customer. Sessions are usually 30 or 60 minutes in length, but it is possible for our clients to book longer sessions. It depends greatly on your wishes as well, as to which are the body areas to be treated. King’s Touch Therapies provides more than injury rehabilitation and pain relief. We will provide you with a massage therapist that will make sure you will get outstanding service and the utmost customer care.

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At King’s Touch Therapies, we can arrange for you to meet an alternative medicine practitioner. You will get professional advice on how to keep your health in check without taking strong drugs. We will help you to harmonize your body, mind and spirit. All you have to do is to give us call on (662) 281-0447. Even one visit will change your life.

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